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Baratza Sette 270W Grinder


Free shipping and 2 free pounds of coffee (or 4 pounds of unroasted coffee) are bundled with this brand new grinder from Baratza.  This is a heavy, well built, modern looking black grinder that sits proudly on your counter.  It has 230 settings...think of it like an 18 speed bike, you have the main gear and then the micro gears.  This allows you to dial in your grind perfectly.  It has a built in scale so you can get exactly the right amount of grinds -- down to a 10th of a gram.  It grinds fast and leaves almost no residual beans from one grind to the next.   

I highly recommend this as an espresso grinder, both for home or commercial use.  Because it doses by weight instead of from a doser, you only grind exactly what you need -- on the spot -- for each shot.  And it has some of the finest turkish grind I've ever seen from a grinder of this pricepoint, as well as an extremely easy to adjust microgrind system, making it so simple to dial in your espresso.  Also, because it it so easy to change the grind, you can totally switch it to a different setting to grind for a pourover or an aeropress, and then switch back to espresso without a problem. 

I would also highly recommend this grinder for someone who likes to use a Hario, Aeropress, or drip maker, and particularly for someone who likes to use all of the above.  It grinds so quickly and switches between settings so easily, that it is going to save a lot of time to have this at your coffee counter. 

The only thing this grinder can't do is grind coarse enough for a french press or perculator or cold brew.  But everything from drip brew to turkish are handled quickly, precisely, and with exact doses. I would argue that for most situations, it is a superior alternative to any espresso grinder out there. 

I am not allowed to advertise this grinder for less than $499, but if you buy this Sette 270W grinder, I will throw in free coffee and free shipping.  Just put in the comments which variety(s) you would like.

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