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Costa Rica Tarrazu La Pastora

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

A very highly rated Costa Rican, and one of the best known mills and with strict quality standards.   It’s a very dense hard bean grown at 4000-5000 feet altitude, and requires more heat than most Costa Ricans.  It's part of an organization called EarthWatch which heavily researches sustainable agriculatural practices. 

This is best at City or Full City.  I prefer it at City where you get more of a milk chocolate creaminess.  At Full City you get more of a traditional coffee.  Either way it is smooth, clean, and a very nice mug of coffee.  There's no sourness or unpleasantness.   This one is smooth, clean, creamy, and altogether quite pleasant.  I know we have some customers who have success roasting this coffee darkly, but I do feel like there are better choices for dark roasts.  This lot is very similar to the Costa Rica El Conquistador bean that we carried for most of the past year, and I think that the customers for that bean will be completely satisfied with this bean.  This was one of the final arrivals from the mill for the 2016 season and arrived in the US in July 2016. 

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