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Costa Rica La Minita Sundried

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

You can read about La Minita on our other entry for this coffee.  How meticulously sorted it is, how highly regarded, how everything about it is done to perfection.

Well this year the farm decided to take 2000 pounds and let it dry under the sun on a drying patio for a few days before taking it to the mill.  It's still technically a washed process coffee, but they labeled the bag and the microlot as being "sundried" and the result was a version of La Minita that has more aroma, more sweetness, and more pronounced complexity.  On the first mug, I couldn't tell a difference.  It tasted like La Minita.  "I got scammed" I muttered.  But then I put it side-by-side with a regular mug of La Minita and it was easy to see how this was different (dare I say "better", when talking about La Minita -- the coffee I already describe as being  the world's most perfect coffee....   but this lot is different, and I'd rather have a mug of this if you offered me a choice of either).

We roast it exactly the same way.  USA arrival was June 2015.

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