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Rose Heart (China)


Dark tea is a good choice for coffee lovers because it has such a rich body.  It's not "watery" or "thin"  Dark Tea is full of bacteria probiotics just like yogurt or kambucha.

This dark tea has been aged, blended with rose petals, and shaped into hearts.  Each heart is good for one cup of tea. The tea tastes unique and is palatable to a wide variety of people.  It is not as earthy tasting as Pu-Erh, and the rose petals help lighten the flavor.  I highly recommend this tea -- it is a memorable and astonishingly surprising mug of tea that you need to try.

In Eastern culture they only brew dark tea for a minute and will rebrew the same tea leaves 6 times or more.  They scorn at Westerners who brew it 3-5 minutes, but hey, we are who we are.  If you brew it 3-5 minutes, it is a full bodied black tea, with a sweet, smoky caramel, slightly earthy flavor.  It knocks my socks off -- I've never had a tea this complex, this tasty.  This is a mug of tea that you are still thinking about the next day and wanting more of.

If you've never had dark tea, you are missing out.

Tasting Notes: Hearty, Slightly Floral, Smoky Caramel, Very Smooth, Natural Sweet Note, Long Aftertaste.

Steep: 1 piece of tea for 8oz water. Water temperature: 205.  Steep time 1 to 5 minutes.  Sweetener: Unneeded

Approximately 8 pieces in a 1 ounce package. 

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