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East Timor Ermera

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

I’ve had a lot of requests to carry a Timor coffee (Tee-more).  The hybrid of coffee grown in Timor has some robusta strains in it, and while it doesn't hurt the taste of their coffee, it does give it quite a bit extra caffeine. Actually, the quality of Timor beans has been improving year after year, and it's to the point where there are some cool undertones in the various microlots being sold now.  But Timor is still relatively inexpensive compared to other Indonesians, and it's a solid Indonesian coffee origin -- several people have told me it is their very favorite, and so when I had a chance to get a good price on a fresh nice certified lot, I brought some in.  It is from Ermera growing region.  This batch is from a particular village and boasts undertones of raspberry and chocolate.  Even in dark roasts it has that Indonesian complexity I'm looking for, and it has none of the sour or brightness that I have encountered in Timor lots of previous years.  It is our current choice for Italian Roast coffee because the beans hold up to super dark roasts and still keep their sweetness and thick body.

In a light roast, you could think of it as a New Guinea with its tart fruity flavors.  In a Full City+ roast, think of it as a Sumatra, but no earthiness, and that tart flavor of rasberries is beneath the rich Indonesian flavor.  In a dark roast, it really could pass for a nice clean Sumatra Mandheling -- low acid, syrupy body.  It's not bitter and it's bursting with flavor.  

Well, this particular co-op is certified organic fair trade. I recommend it roasted dark, well into the 2nd cracks, because I enjoy dark Indonesians.  But it is versatile enough to do a variety of roasts.

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