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Colombia Asojardin


9 pounds 5 pounds 3 pounds
-$0.40 -$0.30 -$0.15

This is a microlot from a very small co-op of farmers (about 75 members) who have all been growing coffee for about 30 years.  This coffee is grown in the Jardin region, at a 5000 foot altitude.   The lot does NOT have organic certification, but the farmers do adhere to traditional organic farming methods.

Colombian coffee beans -- the really good lots -- tend to get lost amongst the millions of bags of ordinary beans, and the small farmers are doing what they can to stand out when they really have a good harvest.  This is an example of a Colombian coffee that is far above average quality.

My favorite roast of this is just at verge of 2nd cracks.  It's a smooth traditional tasting coffee without much complexity.  Slight undertones of peach are apparent, and a honey-like sweetness.  Seems to work nicely in espresso as well as any other coffee brewing method.  You can also roast it dark (45 seconds of 2nd cracks) to get a really nice french roast.

USA arrival December 2016

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