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Perhaps the sweetest Kenya I've ever tasted.  Or maybe it just tastes so sweet because it's been so long since we've seen a great Kenya.  These AA+ sized beans are a blend of SL28- and SL-34 which are the classic Kenyan varieties that you want.  This is the early 2017 crop and just came into the US in 03/2017.  I take it about 45 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks.  I'd call it a City+ roast. 

I've been playing around roasting it quckly, slowly, speeding up the end of the roast, trying different ending temperatures -- no matter what I do, I can't get much acidity out of this coffee.  It does have a little bit, but not the way a Kenya usually sparkles.  But it has so much flavor!  The dominant flavor is apricot, but more like apricot preserves.  Or it reminds me of that Peach nectar that you buy in cans.  Syrupy sweet and fruity.  I also get hints of sweet bread, apple, and orange; and the finish has a winey, slightly oaky taste and dries your mouth making you want another sip.   This is not a grapefruit or citrus dominating taste like with most Kenyan coffees.  One of those coffees that I can savor, drinking it slowly, letting it escape me into a daydream, making me happy inside and out.  The roast we finally settled on was to speed up the middle of the roast.  Like the period between 300 degrees until first cracks.  Knock a minute or two off the middle of the roast, which ends giving you a roast that's a minute or two shorter than normal.  And you get the most concentration of flavor and acidity compared with slower roasts.  This is the first arrival of the 2017 Kenya crop, and the high quality of this lot hopefully foretells a wonderful selection of Kenya coffee this year.  

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