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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Natural


9 pounds 5 pounds 3 pounds
-$0.35 -$0.25 -$0.10

This is a NATURAL (Dry processed) Yirgacheffe coffee from the subregion of Gedeb and the Kokanna mill.  This area is also known as the Gedeo Zone and produces several lots of coffee each year, of varying quality.  We really liked this one, particularly because one of the tasting notes in it is pineapple!  This crop was packed in grainpro bags to seal in and preserve freshness.   They are sorted to a grade 1 status which is not often achieved for a natural coffee from Ethiopia.   You don't want to roast it too far out of the first cracks.  This is where you find the flavors of pineapple, chocolate, and blackberries.  The coffee has a better than expected body, no earthy or fermented tastes, and a sweet nice lingering aftertaste.  Drink it slowly and methodically and enjoy the flashes of different fruity flavors in each sip.

We have found the best results when we speed up the middle part of the roast and get to first cracks 90-120 seconds sooner than normal.  This gives it more acidic zip and helps it come alive.  It is then important to slow it down at the first cracks to allow all the different flavors to develop.  Being a natural processed coffee, you shouldn't take this coffee into the 2nd cracks -- we don't get it anywhere close to that level -- it's a light roast coffee. 

If you allow this coffee to "rest" after roasting, you're missing out.  When it's hot off the roaster, the tangy flavors of pineapple are the most apparent.  Two days later, the sweet flavors of blackberry become prominent.  We slightly prefer the pineapple flavor, although both mugs of coffees are extremely good.  But those first two days are really something. 

It came into the USA in August 2016.

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