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Berry Green (China)


The classic combination of sweet green tea with fruit is the idea behind this blend, but the berries and hibiscus overpower both the taste and color, making this a green tea for someone who doesn't necessarily like green tea but wants the health benefits.  The color is a beautiful fuchsia.  The taste is slightly tart with blueberry, apple, and cirtus taking center stage.  It works equally well hot and iced.

Ingredients: Organic Sencha Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Blueberry, Blackberry Leaves, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Natural Flavor

Tasting Notes: Fruity, Tart, Fresh

Hot: 1 Tbsp of tea for every 12oz water.  Water temperature: 175.  2 Minutes.  Sweetener Optional.

Iced: 1.5 Tbsp of tea for every 12oz water. Water temperature: 175.  Add 1 Tbsp of sugar for every 12 ounce of water.  Steep time 3 minutes.  Refrigerate.  Pour over ice and enjoy.

Approximately 17 tsp in a 1 ounce package. 

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