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Guatemala Antigua

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

From Finca La Pastoria (Estate of Pasture).  I don't have a lot of this one, but I'm glad I have what I do of it.  This is an estate-grown coffee, high up in the region of Antigua, and it has the classic milk chocolate, floral, citrus, bright attributes of a high quality Antigua.  This one should be roasted light to medium.  I would recommend that you NOT take it into the second cracks.  Antigua is perhaps the most famous coffee growing region in the country and has a great reputation all over the world for its coffee.  Antigua is near the center of the country, just outside the capital of Guatemala City. 

I aim for a middle ground right between the first and second cracks.  So on my drum roaster, I'm taking it about 45 seconds past the end of the 1st cracks, but still about a minute away from the second cracks beginning.  At this level, I taste milk chocolate covered oranges.  Creamy and complex.  Sweet aftertaste.  Take it a little bit lighter to bring out more floral, and take it a little bit darker to bring out more chocolate, but somewhere right around there is going to be your sweet spot for this bean. 

At first, I thought I didn't like this coffee, but then I discovered I was just trying to roast it too dark.  If you keep it out of the second cracks, it is fantastic!!  

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