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Chamomile is an herb grown commonly in England, and somewhat successfuly in the United States, but the most prized chamomile comes out of Egypt.  Chamomile looks somewhat like a daisy, with white petals and a yellow center.  When dried and steeped as a tea, this herb is prized for its flavor, aroma, and soothing properties.  This full flowered organic certified Egyptian Chamomile tea is soothingly aromatic, calmly smooth, and peacefully subtle with floral and fruity notes.  Traditionally, it is prepared at bedtime with honey to induce sleepiness.  But it is a fine tea to drink at any time that you wish to calm down, feel peaceful, and just escape the craziness of your day.  Chamomile tea can also be blended with lavender or peppermint.  The lavender further enhances a sleepy state, whereas the peppermint enhances a soothing digestive aid/after-dinner tea experience.

Ingredients: Organic Egyptian Chamomile

Tasting Notes: Soothingly floral, pollen, sweet

Steep:  1 Tbsp of tea for every 12oz water. Water temperature: 205.  Add a small amount of sweetener, preferably honey.  Steep time 4 minutes. 

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