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Honduras Oscar Omar Natural

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

This is another award winning microlot out of the FTO COMSA Marcala co-op.  This one particularly stands out because instead of being mechanically washed, it is a dry process (natural) microlot that was sundried on a patio and hand-processed.  So of this crop, a very tiny percentage (9 bags) of the highest quality beans were sorted out from the rest of this year’s Summer 2015 crop.  it’s not just rare – it cups fantastic besides.  It is certified fair trade and organic and packed in a GrainPro bag at origin to preserve absolute freshness.  It is such a special microlot of coffee that the name of the farmer was painted on the back side of the bag.  It is officially known as, “Don Oscar Omar Honduras”    (He’s one of the leaders of the co-op, and he has quite a long legend of excellence).

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT HONDURAS COFFEE before roasting this one.  It tastes and acts NOTHING like a Honduras.  It tastes more like a blend of Ethiopia and Yemen.

The coffee was sundried on a Kenya drying table, so it is a natural process coffee and needs to be given a light roast.  It was grown at an altitude just under 5,000 feet and consists entirely of the Catuai varietal of coffee.  I roast it slightly darker than an Ethiopian -- more like a Kenya or a Yemen profile, but still nowhere close to the 2nd cracks.   At this roast level it has a pleasant acidity, and a lot of sweetness coupled with savory notes.  Our cupping notes include such flavor descriptions as dark chocolate, grain/hops, pine nuts, ripe tomato, and banana.  It is smooth, with no earthiness, and sweet pleasant brown sugar aftertaste.  Great complexity.  This is particularly interesting in the mouth because it has both sweet and savory, and there's a lot going on.   At darker roasts, it makes a great shot of espresso.   It has more sweetness than a Yemen coffee, but otherwise, a lot of similarities exist.  This is a fantastic find -- a top shelf high quality lot of coffee at an everyday price. 

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