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India Mysore

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

First a disclaimer.  I’m not sure if this coffee was grown organically. It probably was based on the fact that is it a high altitude, high quality coffee.  But that's my only basis.

India is an underrated coffee.  It is grown right up there near Yemen, near Africa, and has a clean, gentle, nutty taste that you would think would give it more credit in the coffee world.  This one has a subtle spiciness to it, and the aroma reminds me of cinnamon, the initial taste of hazelnuts and an aftertaste of nutmeg.  It’s not a dirty-tasting coffee, and actually has a creamy quality, and a sweet grain-like quality to it that reminds you of a high quality south american coffee. A friend remarked it reminded her of a combination of Chai tea and coffee. What else would you expect from India?  They grow coffee alongside their spices.

It’s good on any roast level, but my sweet spot on it is a bean temperature of 412 degrees.  It roasts similar to a Nicaraguan or Colombian bean.  Just barely at 2nd cracks is a good medium roast, smooth, slight spice, slight nut, fairly uneventful but solid mug of coffee.   But we do also sometimes take this bean dark -- like Sumatra dark -- 40 seconds of 2nd cracks to make it smoky and spicy.   If you take it that dark, it also makes a mellow creamy  espresso shot. 

It seems to be a versatile and forgiving coffee.  This is the brand new crop that just came into the country in 3-2017.  It is a washed process coffee.

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