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Sulawesi Toraja


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Sulawesi is one of my favorites, and one of the nicest looking Indonesians.  There's quite a bit of chocolate, a little bit of black pepper, and it mostly reminds me of a fancy Sumatra with less earthiness.  I have a weakness for dark roasted Sulawesi in a hario pourover or a french press, but both roasting and brewing are versatile.

This is a semi-washed process coffee just like most Indonesians.  The beans have been sorted multiple times and there are very few broken or defective beans in here, which is unusual for a bag of Sulawesi.  The beans are that beautiful fresh blue color and look 100 times better than a Sumatra Mandheling.  I roast them right to the start of the second cracks to get a medium bodied, slightly earthy coffee with a hint of orange rind undertone, chocolate, and subtle spicy black pepper.  That makes for a good cup of coffee, and especially so in a french press. 

But the darker you go, it hides the fruit, but the spiciness hangs in there.  I always enjoy dark Indonesians, but Sulawesi can particularly hold up to high heat.  40 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks is my treat because the syrupy sweet body with a hint of spice is a joy -- it is a dark coffee that you can drink black.  75 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks (be careful not to start a fire) you have an even darker smoky powerful coffee but it holds up exceptionally well to the heat and doesn't taste burnt.  Add a little cream to bring out caramelly sweetness....this bean is always a good choice for an Italian Roast.  

Pull it out 20-30 seconds after the 1st cracks end for a light roast, and it's still good.  The body is thick and the aftertaste pleasant; the coffee is smooth and just spicy enough to make it interesting and keep you going back for more.  

You get the idea -- you can't go wrong with this one.

US Arrival  1/2017

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