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Blue Beauty Oolong (China)


Oolongs aren't oxidized enough to be called black tea, but they are too far oxidized to be called a green tea.  

There are "light" and "dark" oolongs, and Blue Beauty Oolong is on the lighter end, more similar to a green tea than a black.  For that reason it is best to steep it as a lower temperature (175 degrees is recommended, although 190 is acceptable).  

This variety is rarely found outside of China.   The full tea leaves are very tightly wrapped into dense pellets.  They have a bluish-green hue and do not really look like tea.  Upon steeping, the leaves unfurl and produce a greenish tea that is sweet, slightly vegetal, and silky smooth in the mouth with light spice and floral notes.  No sugar is needed as the tea is quite interesting and enjoyable on its own.  The leaves are good for multiple cups of tea.  It is one of those teas that we discovered and then said, okay, what tea are we going to discontinue so that we can stock this -- because there was no doubt in our minds that we needed to stock this tea.  

Tasting Notes: Silky Smooth, substantial body, spicy sweet, grassy, floral.

Steep: 2 tsp of tea for 12oz water. Water temperature: 175.  Steep time 3 minutes.  The tea leaves are good for 3 or 4 steepings -- when your mug is empty, reuse the tea leaves to brew some more!  Sweetener: Not recommended

Approximately 10 tsp in a 1 ounce package. 

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