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Peru Cautivo

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

The big two South American coffee producers are Brazil and Colombia.  Most of it quite bad -- the cheapest coffees on the market, and most abundant.  Both are known for high acidity, and quite often a dirty aftertaste.  Most of it ends up in French roast and commercial blends.  But the Peru crop is a different South American coffee altogether.  Peru coffees tend to be cleaner and smoother.  And if you get the really good ones, they are very clean, and very low acid.  Furthermore, organic Colombians and Brazils are hard to find, but organic Perus are fairly abundant.  So abundant that there’s not much of a premium for organic certification versus the non-organic crops.  Hence, Peru has become my recommendation to customers who want a South American coffee, and an economical option for those who want affordable organic certified coffee.

With that said, I have trouble getting excited about South American coffee.  It's just so straight-forward -- even when there are interesting undertones, they are so subtle that you really have to get your imagination working to pick up on it.  So I carry the inexpensive but very nice Peru Cafe Succhia and basically take it to a french roast or else keep it light and flavor it, and sometimes I use it in espresso, but rarely do I feature it as special single origin drip coffee. 

This Peru Cautivo is a different story.  It is the best Peruvian I've tasted in years.  At a light roast (full city, 407 degrees) it's smooth and sweet and clean like I expected, but it also has this definite milk chocolate flavor in it.  So mellow, so drinkable.  Could sip on a coffee like this all day.  Doesn't have any citrus notes in it, just chocolate, and maybe a little walnut.  Very very nice.

So then just for fun I took it just into the rolling 2nd cracks and it's mellow here too,  and still interesting, still drinkable.  I like it better lighter, but it's good either way.

I presume you can French roast it just fine, but I've got my Cafe Succhia for that.  This one, I'm keeping light and enjoying as a single origin Peru.

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