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Ethiopia Amaro


The Ninety-Plus team is a group committed to discovering potential in farms and helping that farm increase quality and production to share their product with the world at extremely high pricing.  This Ethiopia is a bean they found from a female producer who was trying to help her people through the use of growing a spectactular, meticulously processed coffee, and she is now the only major female farm owner/coffee miller in all of Ethiopia.  The subtle taste of banana peel that they tasted in her sample several years ago excited the team, and they have worked with her ever since to help scale up production and offer this coffee to the world.  It is finally available, and what a coffee!  

Aside from the unique banana-like aroma and undertones, this coffee beams with a magically sweet aroma, unmistakable chocolate taste,  flashes of cherries, blueberries, and flowers as you drink it.   Let it cool on your tongue, and a chocolate-covered-banana taste emerges which is a real treat.

The only female who owns a coffee mill in all of Ethiopia ...  one of my associates met her and said "I want to be her where I grow up!"... you can read more about the farmer here http://www.amarogayocoffee.com/


Tasting Notes: Chocolate covered banana, Hint of Blueberry, Floral Aroma, Clean Aftertaste

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