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Aged Sumatra


Formerly known as Christmas Blend, this is a high grade Sumatran Blue Batak coffee from the northern part of the island by Lake Toba.  It was then taken to Malaysia to be aged in a controlled envoronment for three years.  As with any other aged food (think cheese, wine, whiskey, etc)  -- aging the coffee increases the intensity of flavor, which happens to be spices and woodsy notes.  

This coffee works well no matter how it is brewed.  You can even use it as espresso.  If you hate dark coffee or hate Sumatran coffees, this is not going to be for you ---  but for everyone else, savor every sip :-) 

Aged Sumatra Tasting Notes: Cedar, Clove, Intense, Thick Body, Strong Aroma, Smooth, Hint of Black Cherry

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