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Traditional Colombia


Nice traditional classic coffee taste, good aftertaste, nice rich body, Colombia is a general crowd-pleaser.  This coffee was grown in the Narino region by the La Union co-op, by one particular farmer.  It is one of the best Colombian coffees that we have tasted in a long time, with a brown sugar sweetness, hints of lemon, tangy basil, thick body, buttery mouthfeel, all while still being a "normal regular coffee"  I don't normally appreciate Colombian coffees, but this one really makes me happy because of its sweetness and citrus undertone.   The farm sits right on the border of Ecuador and has more character than you would expect from a Colombian coffee.   But at the same time, for those who enjoy a normal coffee, this one will make you happy as well.


 Tasting Notes: La Union Narino  Microlot -- brown sugar, citrus, tomato, sweet

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