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Sumatra Blue Gayo


The Gayo bean is from the northern part of the island and is much scarcer than the prevalent Mandheling.  It's nicknamed "Blue" because of the blueish hue of the coffee bean before it is roasted.  This Sumatra is still from an organic certified co-op coffee, and it is still a low acid, smooth, full bodied, rich tasting dark roast.  But it's not nearly as "earthy" or "foresty" as classic Sumatra.  Instead, the aroma is of cedar, and the aftertaste is of herbs and spices, namely, licorice root!  It has a great syrupy sweetness that makes you think someone has poured a little Sambuca into your mug. 

It's quite a satisfying mug of coffee, and is particularly enjoyable in a pourover or french press. 

Sumatra Blue Gayo Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Cedar, Slight Earthiness, syrupy mouthfeel, Licorice, slight Black Peppery finish

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