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Sulawesi Sapan Minanga

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

Sapan Minanga has long been recognized as the premium coffee grown on the island of  Sulawesi. This subregion of Toraja only produces about 6,000 bags per year.  This is 2015 crop, and it is a good keeper -- it will keep for a couple years if you protect it from humidity.  

Every lot of Sulawesi is a little different, but this co-op is consistently good.  It scored a 90 the last time it was rated on CoffeeReview http://www.coffeereview.com/review.cfm?ID=2076 .   At Full City+ you get a full bodied coffee with mild spice, some orange / citrus fruit, and dark chocolate and clean aftertaste.  Very nice.  As you go farther into the 2nd cracks, you lose the fruit and enhance the spice. (think hints of black pepper and cloves) I take it 20 seconds into the rolling second cracks, and it is remarkably good as a manual pourover!  It is very much like a Sumatra, but slightly cleaner, more complex (interesting), smoother (low acid), spicier, and sweeter (not as much of a cedar/oak/wood taste as a Sumatra).  A lot of times Sulawesi is bitter in dark roasts, but this lot is not bitter at any level.  You can take it 60 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks (and hopefully not set your garage on fire) to produce a nice oily Italian roast that tastes super dark without the carbon/ash notes.  Is my favorite bean choice for Italian roast coffee.  


Importer notes:

Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga
Altitude: 1300 meters
Process: Semi-washed
Varieties: Catimor, Bourbon
Harvest: August - October
Cupping Notes: chocolate, berry, starfruit, orange, consistent, very nice, buttery, creamy, sweet, great complexity

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