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Sumatra Blue Gayo

Currently unavailable. The information below is provided only for reference.

I’ll enjoy a good strong dark mug of any Sumatran coffee you throw at me, but this one is my favorite Sumatra of them all.  Gayo Linge is a fair trade organic certified, rainforest alliance certified co-op in the Aceh region of Sumatra.  The "Blue Gayo" tends to refer to any Sumatran bean grown around Lake Toba because of the blueish hue apparent in the bean color.  But it has fond oldschool nicknames too — you will sometimes see roasters calling coffees from this coffee “Sumatra Mandheling Tiger”

It’s not quite as clean tasting, complex, nor as uniform bean size, as Aceh Gold and Iskandar, which are the other "blue" Sumatra coffees I have inventoried.  But it’s also cheaper and simpler.  It’s MORE clean tasting and complex than Sumatra Mandheling.  With this Sumatra, you get just the right amount of earthiness, and lots of bittersweet chocolate notes — probably the most chocolatey coffee I have in stock.  I can’t imagine anyone not liking a mug of this.

You have to at least get it to the 2nd cracks to bring out the chocolate notes.  You can end the roast there for a lighter coffee, or anywhere over the next 50 seconds.  The darker you go, the sweeter it gets, but of course, the darker you go, you start losing the undertone flavors.

Either way, it’s smooth, full bodied, and satisfying.  I have 30 great coffees stacked up, but I could drink this Sumatra 80% of the time and not complain.

(a certain competitor’s website is selling this exact coffee for $8.23/lb  Yeah, it’s that good….)  (and apparently, he’s that greedy)

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