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We roast coffee and blend tea for several coffeeshops and businesses both in state and out of state.

We have the highest quality beans, the most precise roaster, years of experience, and the cheapest prices.  We also distribute Monin syrups and sauces We are the East Coast distributor for Chai Company Chai Superconcentrate as well as Frozen Bean Frappe powders and hot chocolates.


  • Free local delivery
  • Custom blends and labels
  • Fresh, fresh, fresh!
  • We want YOU to succeed because that helps US succeed.  We can help you with equipment, recipes, pricing, menu, profitibility, advertising, barista training.
  • Please contact us for our current wholesale pricesheet for roasted coffee and other products.  
We also supply green unroasted coffee at wholesale to several coffee roasting businesses East of the Mississippi.  Our ideal wholesale customer uses 40 pounds or more coffee per month.
  • All of the coffee beans we roast were grown without pesticides or manufactured fertilizers.  Did you know that coffee is the most chemically treated food crop in the world?  Do you really want to ingest all that pesticide and poison?  Nahhh…. give your customers Happy Mug Coffee.
  • Did you know that most coffee farms operate like sweatshops?  Foreign land owners take the profits and feed the starving workers a few pennies a day to keep them alive.  So we only buy from family co-ops and fair estates.  Do you really want to support slavery?  Nahhh…. give your customers Happy Mug Coffee

email matt@happymugcoffee.com and let me know what I can do for you!